Wrap your head around this. Vodka, unlike whiskey, rum or brandy, starts with grains. These include wheat, corn, and rye. It can also be made from vegetable mashes such as beets or potatoes. The overall process follows with a distillation process, to get the purely clear color of vodka.

The end product should be ethyl alcohol, which is the final product after distilling vodka. It should be completely free of any old flavors. After all traces of chemicals, flavors and aromas have been removed. Filtering might be repeated several times before considered pure ethyl. After this phase, it needs to be evenly measured with water. The end result should be a clean, pure liquor that should be flavorless and colorless.

The best bottles of vodka globally

KU:L Vodka
Known to be number one, KU: L vodka is one of the more preferred and less expensive brands. It also has a smooth taste and is perfect for that Vodka Martini.

1.0.1 Iced Vodka
Wanting to spend a bit more money, opt for the 1.0.1 Iced Vodka. It’s a distilled Californian vodka, made from grains which were previously used for making whiskey. It’s not to strong, not light and has a warm, clean taste.

Jean-Marc XO
A vodka which is made from a few different types of wheat and undergoes a distillation process nine times. It even gets filtered through charcoal, is an exquisite mixer and perfect for even taking shots. Definitely considered a favorite.

Morrisons 5X Distilled Vodka
This is an English vodka with a gold rating according to the international wine and spirit competition. It is clean on the nose and is round and balanced. It fills your mouth with purity and texture.

Firestarter Vodka
With another gold rating, this vodka is one of the best. Its Moldavian routs add to its already exotic taste. It is restrained with a subtle, yet savory complexity.

Viru Valge Vodka
Originating from Estonia, this vodka is described as refined and subtle. It is clean, fresh, rounds the mouth harmoniously and will leave you wanting more.


Wheatley Vodka
Described as an intense, crisp vodka with grainy notes by critics, the Wheatley Vodka is a spicy clean spirit that fills you up with all the edge you need for those late nights at the bar.

Crystal Head Vodka
With a creatively designed, skull-shaped bottle, this Crystal Head Vodka is pure grained, filtered and doesn’t contain any additives, sugar or oils. So, it’s pretty much, healthy?

Although it sounds gibberish, Stolichnaya is made in Russia and is distilled before going through a freeze filter system. Since the Russians specialize in vodka, this one is a must for all daring takers.

Yamskaya Russian Vodka
As another Russian favorite. This vodka is elegant, peppery and refined, is sweet on the palate and has a round-grain complexity. A favorite among many individuals with class.

Whether you’re looking for something strong, subtle, or spicy, there is a range of uniquely blended vodkas that has you covered.